Monday, April 23, 2012

Week in the Life 2012: "Lite" version

Week in the Life using a 12 x 12 Photo book from Shutterfly and a template from Cathy Z.

This week's Week in the Life will be a "lite" version as it is not a typical week because I am on medical leave instead of at work.  I will do WITL "full-version" this fall after my daughter starts Kindergarten.

I started this weekend, actually, so not sure if I will include this past weekend or next weekend or both.

Have a great WITL week!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Project Life 2012: Week 4 and Project Life Blog Hop

Hi and Welcome Blog Hoppers! This is my very first Blog Hop & here is Week 4 of my Project Life 2012:

As I've discussed on an earlier post, this year I'm including an 8x10 Title Page that includes my "Photo of the Week" (the favorite photo or the one that I feel summarizes the week) as well as the Week Number & the dates.

This is the left hand side of the weekly spread, and is generally photos from the weekend:

Can you see what is missing? There are no journal cards. And no weekly title card. Yes, I know, it's crazy. I'm using the smaller pockets for small photos rather than journaling cards. Keep reading to find out where my journaling is....

As far as I know, this was the first drawing art work from my daughter that was an actual portrait. She was literally drawing a portrait of the flowers on our kitchen table instead of just a drawing from her imagination.

And here is my journaling. This is a 6x12 template from Ali Edwards and includes a space for journaling & also a spot for a large photo enlargement. I decided on this format this year because I am taking a weekly approach to my layout rather than a Photo-A-Day approach that I took last year. Last year, it made sense to journal daily with a daily photo, but this year I'm doing a weekly summary instead as it matches better with my weekly approach.

The front side of the 6x12 is generally a photo from the weekend & also journaling that summarizes the weekend. And the back side of the 6x12 is generally a photo from the weekday and journaling about the weekdays.

And here is the last page of the spread, the right hand side, which is photos from the weekdays.

Everyone is always saying "Project Life can be anything you want it to be" and I love that my Project Life approach this year can be so different from my Photo-a-day approach last year...and yet such a powerful tool to capture all the little everyday moments that make up such a big and wonderful life.

Thanks for visiting and happy journeys on the Blog Hop! Thank you Jill for organizing the Blog Hop!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project Life 2012: Week 3

Week 3, the 2-page spread as you open the album.

Close-up of the left-hand side...generally keeping with the bottom left is Friday, upper right is Saturday and bottom right is Sunday. Title card in upper left is Sydney & the birthday girl grooming one of the ponies. Little scrap of ephemera, the label from a new toy of Sydney's.

Close-up of the Week 3 title page.

Back-side of the weekly title page is a collage of the Saturday event and on the right is the Week 3 long-journaler.

Back of the weekend long-journaler, is the weekday long journaler. On the right, I'm also including the party invitation and some 5x7's.

Back-side of 5x7's and Sydney's art.

The back-side of Sydney's art is an enlargement of a special event at her school this week and I also inserted the invitation that she had made for us to the event. I made sure to center the enlargement so I could just slip the invitation in right along with the enlargement in the page protector.

And the final page in the spread, the weekday photos. Generally I try to include 1 photo from each day of the week (since I got into that habit last year) but this year it's no hard & fast rules and if I miss a day I'm not going to panic about it.

Project Life 2012: Week 2

Here is a look at the 2-page spread as you open the album.

Close-up of the left side. Upper left is my version of a "title card". Also some favorite stevia that I add to my morning coffee.

Week 2 title page. We signed Sydney up for gymnastics, ballet, tap dance class.

Back of the title page is some art by Sydney and also on the right is this week's long journaler with the photo enlargement.

Close-up of the long journaler and a look at the right hand side of the spread.

Back side of the long-journaler and a look at the final page of the spread.

Close-up of the last page of the spread. This side generally represents the school-week Monday-Thursday.

Project Life 2012: Week 1

Here is Week 1. This is the 2-page spread as you open the album.

Here is a close-up of the left hand side on the spread. In general, I still try to have the bottom left photo be Friday, the top right Saturday and the bottom right Sunday, but there are no hard & fast rules. The top left spot is what I consider to be the title card still but instead of using the PL title card, I generally have this be a photo, usually of a sign or inanimate object or something like that. Since I date my weekly Title page, I no longer have to actually include the week's dates on this title card.

Here is the weekly title page again, blogged about this page on the previous post.

On the back side of the weekly title page, is a collage of the event we went to on Saturday for a chance to add more photos from that event. After that is a 6x12 long journaler (Ali Edwards template). Since I'm approaching this as a weekly spread, I decided to do my journaling as a weekly summary instead of daily journal cards. So far, I'm able to get all my weekly journaling onto the 6x12 lay-out. And I like a chance for another large photo.

Here is a closer look.

And the other side of the long journaler...more journaling & another large photo.

This week, I also included an American Crafts 3-up for some additional photos I wanted to include.

And the back...

And finally, the last page of the spread. You can see by doing the journaling as a weekly summary on the long journaler, I am able to add so many more photos, which I love.

Project Life 2012: Weekly Title Page

A look at the first 2-page layout of the year. I am going to be doing a weekly approach rather than a photo-a-day approach like I did last year. So, the first new component I'm adding this year is a "Photo-of-the-week" on a title page.

The title page is either my favorite photo of the week or the one photo that kind of captures the main story from the week.

Once again, my weeks will begin on Friday and end on Thursday so that the first days captured (generally the left side of the album) is of the weekend and the right hand side of the weekly spread is the Monday-Thursday stories.

The title page also captures the dates of the week. The template is from Ali Edwards Week In The Life series.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Other uses for the journaling pocket

I wanted to share some other items that I am tucking into the journaling pockets:

My latest obsession: Skinny Cow Truffle ice cream bars (only 100 calories!)

Here, you can also see my mid-week journaling process using post-it notes. I keep little reminders on post-it notes all week, then actually journal the whole week at once after I've printed my photos.

Capturing those little cereal boxes that my daughter loves:

I also used the title pocket to place a nice e-mail that I had received.

My other favorite: Strawberry Shortcake gum!

Ironically, we also went to a Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday party this week, so I added some stickers to the title card. I'm infusing my album with a lot of "stuff" from my daughter's 3-year-old world.

I used some Valentine's embellishments in February:

Love note from my husband:

My daughter little valentine's that she gave her school friends:

Movie tickets:

I also had put an additional photo on the title card

Here, I put an additional photo in the journaling pocket, and also some park tickets in the title pocket:

And a business card from a service I used that week.

What other items are you inserting into the journaling pockets?
I'm still enjoying this process and loving Project Life!